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Full Marathon 42.2 Km

This is a picture that was taken of me right after I finished my first full marathon race back in May 2015. The time was 4:56:00 not great time, but how many people can say they have completed a full marathon. I trained with the Red Deer Runners winter training program.

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5 Peaks Trail Race

In July 2015 I completed my very first trail race, the 5 Peaks 13.2 Km at Glenbow Ranch in Cental Alberta. The overrall race was very difficult with over 500 meters of hill climb. I did ot take this race seriously and I should have, it kicked my ass! I completed the race in a time of 1:35:04, not bad for my first try.

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Woody's Half Marathon Finish

Action picture of myself crossing the finish line at my first ever half marathon. I completed the 21.1k course in a time of 2:13:04.

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Winter Running

I have really taken to running in the winter. At first I was worried about running in the winter as I have never done it before, however with a bit of research I was able to figure out what clothing I needed. It really is quite enjoyable running in the winter and have logged quite a few km's in the snow.

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Harvest Run 2015 Action Photo

This is a picture of myself crossing the Bower Ponds bridge during the 2015 Harvest Run. I finished with a time 44:18, 4 seconds slower than last year.

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Red Deer Trail

This is the beautiful trail that circles the River Bend Golf course in Red Deer. It is also part of the Red Deer Woody's Full Marathon route.