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Full Marathon 42.2 Km

This is a picture that was taken of me right after I finished my 2016 marathon race back in May. The time was 4:56:56 not great time, but how many people can say they have completed a full marathon. I trained with the Red Deer Runners winter training program.

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Central Park Loop

In 2016 a ran in a lot of different places, this picture is of me completing the 10 km loop in New York's Central Park. Other places that I have ran this year where LA, Pittsburgh, Calgary, and Sarnia Ontario.

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Woody's Half Marathon Finish

Action picture of myself crossing the finish line at my first ever half marathon. I completed the 21.1k course in a time of 2:13:04.

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2016 running & biking stats:

In 2016, I completed in over dozen races, full marathons, half marathons and trail races. This year I also introduced biking into my route and enjoy it so much, easier on the knee's. This year the final stats were: 2004 km ran and 2422 km biked.

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Bill Nielson Trail Run Start Line

This is a picture of myself crossing the start line at the 2016 Bill Nielson trail race. I completed the 10 km loop, what a beautiful course.

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Woodys 2016 Train Bridge

Crossing the old bridge with some friends during the 2016 Woody's Full Marathon, what a crappy day!